Tuesday, September 16, 2008

October 2008

Sorry, we're currently not taking any orders for this whole month.
Any updates will be announced on Shalia's Treats Blog.

Thank you


NAWAL said...

Are you available on 15 Nov 2008? I need some cupcakes for my friend's birthday on 16th Nov 2008.

Sara said...

too bad!! i live at Terengganu. i wish you do delivary :( uwaaaa..
wanna order for my dad's birthday! :(
email me : hanglipo93@yahoo.com

azlinmazni said...

hi..i want to order some cupcakes for my birthday on 12th Nov. Are you still busy that time? Hope to get positive feedback from you..Thanks!

Sara said...

wow! semua is on November! mine oso same.. my dad's birthday is on 20th Nov! :( too bad~